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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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victimized. >> reporter: along with identifying where they went wrong. and they will be adopted and enforced. he was fooled by sandusky. we also learned today that nike decided to remove paterno's name from the childcare center at its headquarters. turning out to the corruption crisis in the district. in the last hour, mayor vincent gray sworn in the new ethics panel. and they were running the shadow campaign here during their 2010 bid for mayor.
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they talked about the investigations, but the members of the new panel talked about their work ahead. >> reporter: and really, you're at a time when the district residence, they have, you know, reasons to be skeptical about the district's government ability for them to enforce their own ethics rule. we did call after this afternoon's ceremonies. but even though that three members of the council called for them to resign, nine had not and hay have no plans to step down. they included to shorten their names between 19 characters, adhering to the maximum weight time of 15 minutes for a train during the peak hours, 30 during the off peak hours. further investigations of last week's green line derailment. surae chinn is live outside the
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headquarters with more on that and reports of the other incidents in which the passengers evacuated themselves from the train, surae? >> reporter: well, anita, these are two incidents that put into question, the safety standards of metro. these are two incidents that will happen last week on the green line at metro and they admit that they needed to do a better job. especially in the extreme heat. whether or not it is looking for the damaged tracks or in the power outages. they are looking to improve. >> reporter: last friday a section of the green line near west hyattsville buckled under the blistering heat. 55 people had to be evacuated. >> we just can't accept that at this stage. >> reporter: the incident was one of the two heat-related problems on metro last week and the focus of today's board meetings. but the tracks had just been inspected the day before last friday's derailment and metro had been on the lookout for what they call is the heat kings in the rail system. the plan is to change the
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policy from preventing it from ever happening again. people need the air- conditioning, it is packed on the line. they had to wait 30 minutes. i think it's crazy. >> it is an outer limit. >> reporter: the general manager said that they will make a change in policy on that too and so riders are not left in the dark. >> and i was approximately about five minutes. we don't have the power here. and the police will be headed in that direction. the fire department is headed in had that direction. >> reporter: yeah, they have that before. and it does not happen here.
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>> reporter: they said that they are still working out exactly what they will need to do to prevent the heat-related derailment. you can expect the details to come out in the next several days. live in the northwest, back to you, anita. >> glad to hear that. you may need to make other plans to get to the national airport this weekend. that's because of the reagan national airport, they had close tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m.. the shuttle buses will be provided between the roads here in the pentagon city stations while the crews will do the track work. everything that you expect to be back open. and the military drones are being used overseas, but a lot of police and the other government agencies used it right here at home. now, the virginia state lawmakers, they plan to introduce the bill, aimed at protecting your rights to the privacies. the republican delegate, they said that under his bill, police would need a warrant before using the drones and they would have to destroy any images here, acquired by drones, unless they are a part of the authorized
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investigations. in other news, jeans dunning was found dead in his home this morning in south carolina. he's a former sheriff of alexandria. his wife, nancy, was killed more than eight years ago. her death remains an open homicide investigation. the authorities in south carolina, they say that james dunning appears to have died in their sleep and the death was not seen suspicious. the fbi and the state police, they are both joining in on the investigation into the virginia reporter's suspicious death. anded to, the focus of that investigation turned to prince william county. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox where the search warrant has been filed in a mysterious county murder. it happened in gainesville where they seized a white t- shirt, a blackberry cell phone, and some shredder. >> and that is a good friend like sarah. it is a significant loss. >> reporter: they wrote the night before they were murdered, it help lead police to the apartment.
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the 48-year-old was found dead in the burning remains here of her rented home and in the county's upperville. the sheriff was a news reporter for the winchester star. who previously worked at the democrat, where she went to the statewide award for the coverage of 9/11. >> and so i came in and i said, well, does anybody here know sarah? i saw a bunch of facebooks all lit up. oh yeah. you know, my heart sank. and because i didn't have the same. that's all she had. you know, she may have died in the house fire. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. in florida, a new trial date has been set for the man accused of shooting to death the washington redskins during the burglary in miami and that happened back in 2007. the trial is now scheduled for november fifth, the crowd was delayed after firing the attorney. four other suspects are being tried separately. the other man has plead guilty and they might testify against the others.
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now, following the avalanche in the alps. nine people are dead, 12 are injured, two more injured. all the people killed were the europeans. one american, they are amonged injured. and the dead, injured, they were all missing and a part of the climbing exploration. they were caught short today by the threat of the other avalanche. coming up at 11:00, are we doubling down for gambling? the maryland governor, they renewed their push for the lawmakers to expand the gambling in the free state. still to come, the security breach or the wake up call. a look at the habitat on yahoo. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a very nice evening. a very nice day really. we'll take you by the numbers. it is really average. 88 and 72. 88 and 71 are the averages. record high is 99. the record low is 53, sitting further back in 1998. we'll come back and talk about how they finished the week and if the heat will roll in over the weekend along with thethunderstorms. >> all right, we'll see you in
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a few minutes. but coming up next, the previews of the local legends.
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♪[ music ] you have to live the blues to play the blues. that was the lifelong motto. they would celebrate it today with a big concert. he lead the all-star jam sessions. elsewhere in the music world, they seemed pretty satisfied after 50 years of performing. today marks 50 years since the band's first hive show. they played that first gig at the jazz club in london. we have a pretty cool photo gallery today of the career at can heck it out. yahoo is now investigating
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reports of the security breach involving the hackers who gained access to the e-mails here of nearly half a million users. but they are not confirming that. the website reported that the group calling themselves the d33 company. they are claiming responsibility for the hack. and still ahead, a security guard at the local daycare will put life in harm's way to protect the kids. now, those kids and the community, they are both saying thank you.
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in the housing market tonight. first, the foreclosures were up in the second quarter. in fact, 1 million homes in the u.s. had the foreclosure filings in the first half of this year. now for the good news. the mortgage rates hit another record low this week. the average rate on the 30-year fix is get this, 3.56%. they have the big record lows or fallen to new lows in 11 out
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of the last 12 weeks. nearly half a million highchairs are being recalled tonight. they are offering the free kits to cover the pegs on the backs of their model chairs. they are designed to hold the tray tables, but at least 21 kids have been injured by falling on into them. and it will be 26 models this year, they were all sold between january of 2005 and last month. a new study by the british company will find that the average person, they use their smart phones for 128 minutes a day. it and not much at that time is spent actually using the phones. nearly 25 minutes or so, spent browsing the internet. more than 17 are for the social networking. 15 are listening to music. 14 for playing games like angry birds or words with friends. people spent about 12 minutes actually talking on the phone. the rest of the time was used checking e-mails, text messaging, reading books, watching tv, movies, or taking pictures. it's been three months since the daycare security
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guard was severely beaten by the man trying to enter the daycare. now he is being held a hero. we have more from the good samaritan awards. >> i was just scared. and that guy was, you know, banging on the window. >> reporter: and that bad guy, he was trying to break his way into the family affair childcare in landover. their only line of defense was the 18-year-old security guard. he won't talk about what happened to that guy, it is too soon. so the people he was talking talk -- people he was talking to justing imagined that. >> and imagine people trying to get throwing themselves on out there. >> he was trying to protect us, but you know, the bad guy, he came in with a bag. >> he got hurt. >> reporter: he sustains the e severe head trauma with multiple fractures. he is now blind in one eye. >> even while, you know, he was bleeding, from the head without
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hesitation. he continued to sacrifice his life on behalf of all the children. >> reporter: she was honored with the 2012 prince george's county, the good samaritan awards. >> and that will be 10 other people, all honored with the good samaritan award. some saved an elderly couple trapped in the fire. others, they performed cpr on the man who went into cardiac arrest. but even they say they are in awe of what the farmer has done for them. >> i can't say that i would have made it home that day if they had not done, you know, what he did. >> i love fish. >> that is our best friend. >> reporter: in upper marlboro, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> good for you. he is still recovering, but also trying to work his way to the college degree. he hopes to get into the sports broadcasting. pluto may not be considered a planet anymore, but it has something that the earth cannot match. five moons. nasa released these images from the space telescope this week.
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the mini moon is estimated to be about 6 miles in diameter. it will be known as p5 until it gets a proper name. >> interesting stuff. yeah, i swear that it doesn't. and you imagine five minutes? >> that's a lot. [ laughter ] >> all kinds of weird stuff. that's a lot of swearing. >> that's right. >> we're looking at the very average day and that average at this time of the year is okay. and the upper 80s is fine. we'll start with the live look outside to the live weather cam. this is hooking north here on wisconsin avenue and down towards bethesda. 88 is the high. 85 right now. the dew point is 59. creeping up just a little bit, but still okay. the humidity is at 41% and the winds are out of the southeast at 9 and the pressure is down just a little bit. 31.61 inches of mercury. but a very nice evening across the entire metro area. satellite picture radar combined with a lot of rain. actually the big-time rain from houston to new orleans and back into the southeast. in fact, we have, well, i believe some pictures, live pictures now of houston, and some flooding that will be
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going on. if that is anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain here for you and it has been raining essentially every day. this week though. that's all the boundary here. they have not moved. you can see flooding across much of this. i believe it will be a streak and no one is driving on through or trying to get to that because you never know how deep or fast the current will be moving. all right, back to the satellite picture, we'll zoom back up to you. we have some clouds and showers, back into west virginia. i don't think that the showers had get on in here. we'll keep you posted. the air mass is pretty dry. but they will get into west virginia as you go through the evening hours. temperatures are nice. 83 in bethesda and vienna and fairfax. this is actually below average for this time of the year. 87 in college park. 86 in old town. and even 83 over towards andrews. so the temperatures, it is kind of nice not to see, you know, any 90s. that will change for you real quickly over the weekend. so here is the deal. the heat returns over the weekend. no storms tonight. and a nice finish for the week tomorrow. essentially, like today. just an isolated thunderstorm
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that will be possible tomorrow. and then, well, the 90s will roll in on saturday and sunday it will be with us for a while. partly cloudy, comfortable. maybe you'll open up werein -- open up your windows. so if you are inside the beltway, we're talking about the lower 70s. maybe not open the windows. but west to north you can. 68 in gaithersburg is very comfortable. 69 in sterling tonight and even 66 out towards leesburg. and down here into southern maryland and down to leonardtown, probably about 70. partly cloudy, warm in the 70s. and the winds are light. the air quality, it is moderate. by the afternoon, well, partly cloudy, warm, but average. and just an isolated shower or thunderstorm for you tomorrow. the highs are 85 to 90 and the winds are out of the southeast at 10. so we'll break it down for you. a very pleasant start by 6:00 a.m. 67 to 72, partly cloudy. low to mid-80s by noon, okay. 86 and 90 by the evening. a slight chance of the isolated thunderstorm here for you
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tomorrow. all right, 9 weather alert codes will be green, yellow, yellow. 89 tomorrow. 92 on saturday. here comes the heat. a little better chance of the storms over the weekend too. we have been talking about this all week and then 95 on sunday. we'll go to code yellow between the heat and a chance for the thunderstorms. the next seven days. the heat, it actually stayed here and builds on up. the mid-90s again on monday and then on tuesday and wednesday, well, next thursday, we're in the upper 90s. we didn't put that there just yet. but we'll be flirting with 100, especially on wednesday. maybe an isolated shower and thunderstorm. it is a big relief. then that's coming back into town on tuesday. >> i don't like 100 either. >> no. >> i'm not flirting with 100. >> fine. >> you can. >> okay. dave joins us again. the big story for sports. nothing to do with anything on the field today. >> yeah, penn state university. we have been talking about it. we'll continue our coverage from the fallout of the free report. a stern message for you and from the university's leaders. to the leaders here from the
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investigative arm. your actions were negligence. we'll tell you about it in one of the figures. speaking about the big former coach. that's coming up in sports, next. ?gw?qyjw
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all relating to the child sex abuse from the authorities, the board of trustees, the penn state community, and the public at large. >> more from the paterno family, the statement today saying that in part, joe paterno was not perfect, he
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made mistakes, he regrets them. still the only leader to step forward and say that with the benefit of the hindsight that he wished he had done march l and to think that he would have protected jerry sandusky to avoid the bad publicity. and it is simply not realistic. for the alumni of the store, it was a big gut punch. the senior support from joe paterno's home, shortly after it all began. he was not one of those alumni there, but he has been forthright here on this issue. he starts at penn state in the late 1990s, of course. he now hosts the afternoon radio show on 106 the fan. how do we analyze the former coach, joe paterno's condo now? he is providing his take. >> well, we're trying to protect the integrity of the different things. it causes a lapse, a major lapse in his judgment.
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he's not here having to deal with the reproductions of it. but it is a costly error. >> you need to give him a lot of credit. he played for the school. he loves penn state university. but he has been able to balance both. he's been great on the whole issue. stinging was a good word, stunning is the other. >> sure is. >> thank you, dave. breaking news right now, where sky 9 is live over the hazardous material view. we're told that he fell ill on board the flight and the emergency crews were all called in as a precaution. of course, we'll bring you more on the story on 9news now at 7:00. that is all for 9news now at 6:00. stay with for the cbs evening news now at 7:00. anita is back with our area's only hoe cal newscast. don't forget to join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 -- starting at 4:25 a.m. as always, is always on. have a great night.
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